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  Meet The Staff  

  Hestas Coyote
Writer & Creator
Hestas has always had a passion for super heroes. A one time avid comic book collector and a consummate science fiction fanatic, he has always loved stories bordering on the fantastic and unbelievable. He has authored several Star trek fan stories as well as super hero stories for Masked Men Productions with Xym.

Team Rainbow originally started out as a concept idea for an add-on for The Sims 2. After the initial character creation, it wasn't long before he started writing stories about his characters and the rest is history.

For more information on Hestas, visit his web site.

Editor, Writer & Continuity
Xym is responsible for many aspects of Team Rainbow Super Force. For starters, he's the only one on staff that actually has an English Degree. But besides his penchant for dredging up memories Hestas would rather forget sometimes, he is responsible for keeping track of the official timeline for the Team Rainbow universe (which one day we will have on the web site.) He is also working on a collectable trading card game based on Team Rainbow, as soon as Hestas gives him more characters to work with.

Xym is also the mastermind behind Masked Men Productions, writes a Star Trek fan story, and has written a novel.

Editor & Logo Creator
Otherwise know as Mr. Hack-n-slash since that's what he does with the stories. Chaos concentrates heavily on the readability of the stories. Often he is heard say things like, "That's redundant," or "I know what you are trying to say, but..." Fortunately, with each chapter, he has less and less work to do. Chaos is also a great source of exotic words. If you ever see a word in the story and wonder, where the heck did that come from, it's almost always Chaos.

When he's not pulling his hair out over what Hestas has written, Chaos is an avid gamer, as well as a programming engineer with a heavy background in video editing appliances and 3D computer animation.

  Adira Coyote
Sometimes the helpful Elven princess on the plains of Shilla, Adira is usually the first editor to get hold of the stories as they are completed. Always quick with a compassionate correction, Hestas draws continued inspiration from her support.

Normally quite shy and reserved, this was one of the rare opportunities Hestas was able to get a picture of her. You should see her in her battle armor.


Don't let the mean scruffy appearance of Bluehawk fool you. Well, alright. Let it fool you. He'd prefer it that way.

Bluehawk is good for questioning the motives behind the stories. Or more specifically, trying to make sense behind them.

And don't let the mohawk deceive you. Bluehawk owns three companies and is vice-president of a fourth. He is also a programmer with a background in VR systems



Rousalka is an artist of many talents. She lends her expertise from her background in marketing and print publication. She is very helpful at judging what does and doesn't sound right in the stories.

She is also Bluehawk's wife. Try not to hold that against her.


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