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  Tangerine Mistress  
Tangerine Mistress
Little is known of the Tangerine Mistress other than she is from another dimension where magic is as normal as science is on ours, where what one can will, one can create.

Being curious about the other dimensions led the Tangerine Mistress to our world where she discovered that she could still tap into the mystic energies of her own dimension. The only explanation she can give is that our world is a nexus, an unfortunate nexus that has allowed many members of her race to cross over into our dimension and cause havoc.

Despite being somewhat impish and a practically joker, a common trait of her people, she has sworn to protect our world, even from beings like her, which she alone seems capable of dealing with. Her experiences in the world of magic make her invaluable to Team Rainbow Super Force. Because of her mischievous nature, she often teams up with Captain Crimson to perform pranks on the other team members, but she knows to stay clear of such pranks against the Ebon Huntress.
Tangerine Mistress Logo

Code Name :
     Tangerine Mistress

Real Name :
     Janyx Laroux

Function :
     Mystic Investigator

Primary Skill : Sorceress

Sign :

Birthday :
     October 12th

Height :
     5' 9" (1.75 meters)

Age :

Tangerine Mistress In Action

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