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Opal Ryan


Height : 6' 0"

Age :

Astrology Sign : Capricorn

Degree : Philosophy

She may look sweet and innocent, but when it comes to the stage, Opal Ryan is all business. She was the lead singer for the group until a run in with rival band Gemini Trio destroyed her voice. Although she has since recovered, with Allegra Gory taking on the role of lead singer, Opal chose to improver her guitar skills. She recently received the coveted Rock Hammer Award, making her one of the best guitarists in the world.

As part of the pep squad at Sim State University, Opal could throw her voice above the crowd, leading everyone into roaring cheers and her team to victory. This ability allowed her to initially be the front man, so to speak, for Gatti Bianchi.

Nice, yet easy going, Opal has a variety of skills outside of her voice and playing the guitar. She is also a highly skilled cook and on occasion will tinker with broken equipment bringing it back up to par.

Opal Ryan

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