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Noelle Wolosenko


Height : 6' 2"

Age :

Astrology Sign : Cancer

Degree : Literature

It’s all about making a name for your self, at least to Noelle Wolosenko. Moreover, it’s up to her to make sure the world knows the name Gatti Bianchi.

A foreign exchange student from Russimsa, where the philosophy is, you don’t make life, life makes you; Noelle was born to be a manager. She knows how to turn the spin into a win, and keep those radio stations playing the songs.

Hard work and determination, and a will to succeed are what keep her out on the streets, putting up posters, handing out flyers, and pushing their songs onto the airwaves. In addition, being a talented musician she can backup any position if one of the other members needs a break.

Noelle Wolonsenko

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