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Daphne Brody


Height : 5' 7"

Age :

Astrology Sign : Taurus

Degree : Art

Daphne is cousin to both Erika and Tinalena Brody. Although related they never spent a lot of time together short of typical family gatherings. Despite being related on Erika and Tinalena’s father’s side of the family, she did not end up with the alien features or appearance, other than her bright red hair.

With the popularity of her cousin’s band, Gatti Bianchi, Daphne joined the college radio program upon entering college, to make sure they received additional air time. She then began to study the art of mixing and soon became renowned around campus for her unique blends of Gatti Bianchi’s music. It wasn’t long before her cousins found out and agreed that she could bring a new modern sound the band desperately needed.

Being on tour and in the studio has been hard work for Daphne, but she has managed to keep up with her studies. And despite her hit-or-miss attendance, she is expected to graduate with honors in 2008.

Daphne Brody

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