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Allegra Gory


Height : 6' 1 "

Age :

Astrology Sign : Pisces

Degree : Biology

Allegra Gory (her stage name) has been in and out of several bands since she was 14. Her gift has been her voice, for which she is capable of singing a wide range of styles. Her movement form one band to another has usually been from her peers feeling she is upstaging them. Her longest streak performing with one group ended abruptly one night when the announcer introduced the group as Allegra and the Docilites, at which point the band refused to perform.

Nevertheless, Allegra never lost sight of her dream to become a world class singer. Always on the eye out for a new band looking for a singer, she was performing with Savage Uncertainty at Le Club de Chats when her performance was noticed by Noelle Wolosenko after the recent loss of Opal Ryan’s voice to rival group, Gemini Trio.

Upon joining Gatti Bianchi, all of dreams have been met. Fortunately, she has not allowed the success to go to her head, and her bandmates make sure of that. Through them she has learned to keep a level head, and remains very approachable by her fans.

Allegra Gory

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